20/10 Palma Training

So tomorrow's our ultimate test -
Time to show that we can be the best.
To achieve what we seek
We have trained for this peak,
But right now what we need is some rest!

After the tension and drama of the conclusion of the World Individual Championships (and the sore shoulders for the unfortunate chair bearers), today was an important chance to switch back in to team match mode ahead of the Palma Match on Friday and Saturday.  Before heading out to the range, breakfast was again enlivened by messages (some more sardonic than supportive) from the UK.  Thanks to all those who have followed and supported the team’s progress.

The difficult moment of team announcement over, the team then completed a slick run through at 800 yards in the target teams that had been selected for the Palma Match.  This not only allowed the coaches one final chance to practise together as a unit but also re-acclimatised the shooters to their gun-platform roles after nearly two weeks of having to worry about those silly wind flag things!  This completed, the team packed up and returned to the hotel leaving just one target on the range for a bit of remedial practice at 900 yards.

With a view to keeping everyone fresh ahead of the marathon that is the Palma Match, the Captain gave the team the afternoon off.  Messer Tours Inc took a bus to Mount Glorious with the Captain, Vice-Captain and Nick Brasier in search of good views and, of course, tea and cake.  The bearded wizard and newly crowned world champion toured Brisbane’s botanical gardens (and a fair portion  of the suburbs) – clearly map reading is more of a challenge than wind reading!  Others enjoyed a leisurely lunch in Bulimba.

The ammunition team were, however, denied the chance to join in these jolly outings, as they spent the afternoon doing whatever ammunition teams do to ammunition the day before matches.  It seems to involve a lot of time, several sets of scales, some funny measuring devices and sentences filled with nouns most mortals don’t understand.  Poor Erica was also rather constrained in her afternoon entertainment, as the usual stream of invalids flocked to the treatment table.

Having enjoyed their afternoons off (or generously completed their team chores), most of the team had an early meal in the hotel and retired to be bed in preparation for the Palma Match.