07/10 Final Day Off

Our last real shooting-free day was when,
Having pushed back much ammo again,
Through the town eight boys sped,
Laughing at Ross and Ed
On their bicycle made for two men!

With both long and short range practices out of the way, the team took a day off for some R&R which was enjoyed in many different ways; although most people took the opportunity to enjoy a good lie-in.

The largest of the various groups hopped on the city cat into town before hiring bicycles and taking a tour of Brisbane’s CBD and South Bank. The teamwork award goes to team members Ross McQuillan and Ed Jeens, who enjoyed their trip on a tandem. By way of reward for their efforts, they took lunch at the Bavaraian Beer Cafe, where the food is excellent and the beer refreshing and cold. The figure-enhancing dirndls worn by the waitresses surely played no part in the choice of venue, but were undoubtedly a bonus.

A smaller group enjoyed a three-course lunch at the Customs House on the North Bank of the river. With excellent views and equally good food, several hours of conviviality ensued before the team members met up with Scottish independent Linsdey Peden and headed back to the hotel via the city cat to consider the merits of a brief afternoon nap.

Once again, a group headed off into the hills for a respite from the big city and enjoyed a wander round the Glass House mountains, a group of 11 hills formed from the volcanic plugs of extinct and now eroded volcanoes.

The President’s starts tomorrow after a short range team match in the morning and the members of the Great Britain Palma Rifle Team look forward to competing together with the best rifle shooters in the world.