04/10 Nearly All Together

The whole team had to be back at three
To press ammo and spruce up for tea
But a vanload were late
All because of their mate:
Toby's plane had flown off with their key!

With the arrival of the brothers Jeens last night, we’re only a Langley short of a full complement and many of the team are champing at the bit to get on the ranges and start shooting; however we had a final day of R&R before practice would commence.

Our intrepid party of fiery Fraser island explorers returned this afternoon, having variously flown and driven back down South; although this outcome was critically in doubt at one point. Shortly after those returning by plane had taken off, they were called by those on the ground to be informed that Tobes still had the car keys in his pocket. Having briefly considered tying a length of ribbon to the key ring and indulging in a spot of dive bombing, discretion was wisely considered to be the better part of valour. The plane quickly landed and the keys were handed over within an hour or so.

Despite the minor mishap and the bushfires, the travellers reported having had an excellent trip with much enjoyable beach driving, beautiful scenery and a spot of beach rugby. Awake at dawn, wagons rolled at 06:00 for a trip to the spectacular Barrabeen Lake, where a swim and a picnic breakfast on the white sands helped to overcome the disappointment of Lake Mackenzie being closed because of continuing wildfires. Plenty of sand 4x4 driving of varying difficulty followed, through forests and along the beach. By the time everyone was on the 'barge' ferry from island to mainland that crossed halfway, reversed to the beach to pick up a sewage truck and then crossed all the way, the consensus was of a day and a half extremely well spent, even if half of that had been spent travelling (again) and in forced changing of plans.

Much of the morning and afternoon was taken up with the (re)measuring of chambers and pushing of ammo back to length. The loading team and ammo wallahs have put in an amount and intensity of effort that is nothing short of astonishing to provide the team with the best possible ammunition. 

With team preparations complete for the team’s first practice on the range which will host both an Australia Match and a Palma Match, the team took an evening to go and enjoy a meal together at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Vast platters of fried and/or steamed seafood were forthcoming for the enjoyment of all. With the team more or less dominating the restaurant, Webbie gave us a brief address on the plan for the next day or two: we should enjoy our evening together, but it is now time for us to get our game faces on.

And on a final note, from our very own MC:

We've heard mention now more than one time
Of one's not liking this type of rhyme.
Our advice to the Grinch
Is quite simple - a cinch:
Skip the start and read from the sixth line.